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I usually took pics of what Im gonna wear or how it looks like if I match this with that, so yeah let's just see how long will I have courage to keep this up xD

NY resolution : Will try not to buy any fashion item (exclude beauty's coz it's hard~) for a full price, which mean yeaaah sales hunting!

Inspired by Peachonista ;)

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My cool friends and I went to Mountain High to ski (and goofing around with snow too, lbh) few weeks ago. It was awesome because the area was totally different from LA, so we all imagining we were in diff country at that time, hahaha. This was right after our finals, so yeaaaah fun time!! The car got stuck in the snow for quite a while, and in the end got warm delich dinner in Glendale. 

Really want to go to Big Bear Lake next :3

We had snow in our campus??!! Or more like, they brought it there, hahaha. But it was cool enough :3c 
The new hat is definitely my new favorite thing to wear in this winter, also the return of my tiny ties! 

Thanksgiving Dinner with bffs! We all decided the dresscode should be fancy dress or something like that. One of them took these pictures, always came out great :D (except maybe for my expression :| hahaha). This ‘session’ was after the dinner. Too bad, we didn’t take full body pic to see the whole dress. The length was above the knee. I really love it, it has long sleeves yet still sexy.

My halloween costume this year! I didn’t realize I haven’t posted it yet :’(I was Phoenix force!Cyclops, my fav character from Marvel. I chose his Phoenix costume, because I like the color combination better (rather than the blue and yellow).
Tea time with my girls! (This was several months earlier)

Day two of my trip to NYC.

Perfect time to wear coat that I rarely use whether in LA or back in Houston. Actually, most of the time we can handle the chillness, but the problem is our face has no defense :< 
Also it was the day I finally able to meet James Bond!!!! Woot woot, I personally think the play is awesome, along with Rafe and Rachel. Oh man, he’s just hot…………… :p

I went to NYC about 2 weeks ago to watch broadway show The Betrayal (yumm Daniel Craig), along with my lovely friend from Houston. Only 3 days but we managed to explore the city! I’ve been here before, but revisit is always nice :D Plus now I managed to go to places I didn’t go before. 

The weather tho….so cold >___<

Hey! So I was finally have a lil bit free time and decided to go out to hunt some magazines and clothes. The trip ended up just perfect. Finally got the F1 magazine requested from a friend and Empire with Loki on the cover~ 
For the clothing part,  I got that MEOW hat, cute earrings,  and a top. Lol I know I don&#8217;t look happy in that hat pic,  not sure why.  
Top: h&amp;m
Necklace: hello kitty for f21
Belt: f21
Skirt: f21
Purse: Kate spade
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Say hello to new and some recent Indonesian Master students of Computer Science
Dress: Phillip Lam for Target
Fight on, Trojan! This was the day that makes me say no to sleeveless even till now coz of tan lines ;____; gdi

But yay for Trojan Hello Kitty!